New Music: Three Features on Delyno's Latest Album, "7"

Sometime in July 2016, I got a message from a guy called Delyno on Facebook. He told he that someone recommended me to him as a singer. He sent me some of his tracks and I was all in for the project. Since then, we've spent probably hundreds of hours chatting via Skype and sending music back and forth to each other. After nearly a year and a half, we've released one track to YouTube exclusively (Rewind - you can listen to that here) and finally... an album on which I am featured three times! It's exciting to finally be able to share our work with the world. 

Delyno's electronic lounge music album, "7" is available on SPOTIFY, iTUNES, YOUTUBE, and more. Below you will find Youtube track videos for "Hey," "Can I Dance With You," and "Friends Anyway," all of which I wrote the lyrics and melodies for. If you like the tracks, I'll be suuuuper grateful for any share, like, or comment <3 If you want to be extra nice, you can add our tracks to a playlist on Spotify. Thank you!