When first approached for the job I knew this was an app I had to take part of. Not only is it an amazing new tool, but a chance to help bring people together. Working with JustInSign and Wezeo on this project was quick and efficient, just like their app. I even learned a few signs!

Promo Video Script

JustInSign isn't just another pretty mobile application... it's a way to connect people in real life. The video really says it all.

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JustInSign Copywriting by Marina Laduda

Inside the App

Finding the right balance between friendly and practical, creating the language for inside the app was the most fun I've had at my job in a long time.

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Blog for JustInSign by Marina Laduda

On the Blog

Although I don't manage the marketing strategy over at JustInSign, I am their designated content translator. See some of my translated stories, amplified for a more emotional experience.

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