I began working in social media in 2011. My clients have been from many different industries such as automotive, beauty, tech and even social media! I enjoy the freedom to be creative with each post as well as coming up with new "post series," games, and strategies for followers to get hooked on.

Marina Laduda - Facebook and Instagram Fanpage

After making it to the final rounds of the televised singing competition, X Factor,  I decided it was time to take my musical and acting details off of my personal profile and on to someplace more... interactive. I created a Facebook Page in February 2014 to post links to my singing, acting, and other artistic news. It's been growing ever since.

My series of "mini covers" exploded after this Justin Bieber song I posted on Facebook. The series continued with covers, later evolving with a few original songs and parodies.

As my posts grew in popularity, I managed to make several partnerships with local companies. This is a popular post in which I feature Nikolar from Pierot hair salon.


Bohemian Bar Club

Writing posts for Bohemian Bar Club has been a pleasure. The brand’s tone of voice is wise but fun, leaving plenty of room for that real “business casual cocktail drinker” to come out.


Škoda HR

Škoda Auto HR has some pretty limited topics acceptable for sharing content from. My background in automotive sure came in handy when learning how to write for the European automotive giant.


Marina Says

My beauty and style blog started in late 2012, and has been gaining popularity since. With this channel I face the challenges of a geographically split audience. With 40% of my fanbase in Europe and 40% in the Americas, scheduling content at the right time for each audience is essential. 
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To see more of m social media posts and ideas, go to my Socialbakers page.