PostHeads is a social media management tool made to simplify the communications between freelance writers, digital agencies, clients, etc. I hopped on board in January 2013, just two months before launch, to give the application an American edge with a full copywriting makeover. My part in the PostHeads project includes the landing page copy, all texts inside the application itself, automatic emails and live correspondence, social media communications, and basically everything legible in and about PostHeads.

Please be advised: The website has been modified since my retreat from the company in July 2013 for legal purposes. 

Product Website

The landing page was made with the intention of getting first time visitors to watch the video and want to try the tool for themselves with the option to click away at the free trial. With no pricing available and basically no exposure outside of the Central European market, the landing page was designed to be more informative than trendy.

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Design Case Study

The design case study was all about finding a balance between the brand's business casual tone of voice, and the designer's silly vibe. 

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Click to see full case study

PostHeads Blog

My favorite part about being the lead writer at PostHeads has been the blog. I’m a big fan of taking a complicated concept and simplifying it with my expertise in everyday language. As you can see from the first few posts, the material maintains an underlying sales message for promoting the tool.

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