Thoughts / X Factor SK/CZ, Episode 5: English Translation

You ask, I deliver. Enjoy this translated transcript of my audition for X Factor SK/CZ.

See the audition video here

Host: Good evening. Hey, hey, hey! I am Pyco..
Marina: I'm Marina... Laduda *giggle*
Host: Marina Laduda?
Marina: Yes, Marina Laduda.
(Spotlight) I'm Marina Laduda and I'm 21 years old. I live in Prague.

Host: Not Labuda but Laduda.
Marina: Nooo it's La-du-da.
(Spotlight cont'd) My father is Slovak and my mother is from El Salvador. My mother and younger brother are in California and my father is still here in Bratislava. But he has a new wife and kids... I'm not really part of that.

Host: Listen, is this your real mole or is it just part of your image?
Marina: It's a tattoo.
Host: It's a tattoo!
Marina: Yes.
(Spotlight cont'd) This day has the potential to change my whole life. My father was a well known doctor and my mother knows how to handle her business like nobdoy else I know. As the oldest kid and the only daughter, I want to show them that I can also succeed.

Host: Here you go, right this way, show us your X Factor!

Marina goes on stage

Marina: Good day!
Judges in unison: Hello.
Celeste Buckingham: What's your name?
Marina: I'm Marina Laduda and I'm 21 years old.
Ondrej Brzobohaty: And where did you come from?
Marina: I'm kind of a complicated case... Sometimes San Francisco, sometimes Bratislava. I'm kind of a mix, and a little bit in between.
Ondrej: Aha, and what "in between"?
Marina: Well, my mom is from El Salvador, so we also traveled there a few times.

Host (backstage): Just give her a wig and she's Lady Gaga! Totally Lady Gaga!

Marina: My father is Slovak and lives in Bratislava. My parents divorced when I was little, so I often spent six months here, six months there...
Celeste: Listen, you have a similar accent to me when I speak in Slovak. When I listen to you I hear myself.
Ondrej: But you not only have similar accents, it seems to me you have similar lives.
Celeste: Yes, a little. You probably fly up and down a lot.
Marina: Yeah, yeah, but I like it that way.
Celeste: And where do you like it most?
Marina: Europe.
Celeste: Yeah?
Marina: Yeah, really I'm not an "American," so...
Celeste: Agreed, agreed. I like that.
Oto Klempir: The producer was just here and he told me that you work as a copywriter. 
Marina: Yes, yes I'm a copywriter for a while now. I write texts mostly for websites, mobile apps, I write blogs too...
Oto: I started my marketing career as a copywriter too.
Marina: Really?
Oto: Of course.
Marina: Wow! So we have something in common.
Oto: That makes me happy.
Ondrej: And there's still Sisa... What do you have in common with Sisa?
Marina: That, um... I studied acting, so musicals? Maybe?
Sisa Lelkes Sklovska: So then now Ondrej? What can we find in common with him?
Marina: Um... I took piano lessons as a kid.
Ondrej: Aaah! 

All around giggles.

Host (backstage): And with me?

Music begins and Marina sings "Cambio Dolor," by Natalia Oreiro.

Host: This is completely like Lady Gaga.

Song finishes. 

Ondrej: I'm very happy when someone like you comes here. And it enchants me how positive you are and how much you enjoy it. It's very easy to see. You have a beautiful way of displaying your femininity. It's gorgeous! A whole line of women and girls come through here and feel ashamed of being women, it seems. But you come here and even with just the way you look you show us that you're proud of your feminism. It's pleasing to see that and it makes me very happy.
Marina: Thank you.
Sisa: You're very talented. You're all smiles, I love people with such positive energy. I can feel from you that it's in your blood. Literally in your blood that you share your energy with people and you make them happy. That is very important for an artist. And I foresee a big future ahead of you if you really want it. 
Oto: Laduda. From a girl who has experienced El Salvador, USA, Europe, and such a rich variety of experiences for her age, I expected a much for exclusive experience.
Marina: I don't know what to say...
Oto: Don't say a word. 
Marina blows Oto a kiss.
Celeste: I'm gonna have to step up my game. I think that I have new competition. I like you.
Marina: Thank you.
Ondrej: Let's vote. 

All judges say "yes," and Marina goes offstage.


Host: You have this thing, don't get mad, but you have this "foreign stench" to you. In everything. In photos... That's a good thing. In some angles you look like Lady Gaga. Has someone told you that before?
Marina: Yes
Host: And I mean Lady Gaga on a good day, you know when her stylists are actually trying. And I have more photos, but I'll be showing you those in the next round. Right this way to the next round, ok?

VO: Marina might have brought energy to the stage, but it seems it wasn't enough for Ondro*. 

*Should have been Oto.