The idea for FailPop came after Tomas Jasovsky asked for my advice on a new project. After traveling the world for almost nine months straight, the idea seemed pretty obvious. We decided to create an app reliant on content rather than users, meant to put an end to all cultural #fails. 

All About FailPop: The Travel App For Avoiding Faux Pas Mments Abroad

Content Curating

Because the iOS app is completely reliant on content I decided to begin by creating a spreadsheet with countries, categories for tips, and a hierarchy for which countries are most visited. 

After the first batch of tips I decided it was time to find a copywriter to help fill in the information. If you know of someone for the job please have them email e at


Our first version of the app came with just 3 free tips per country, with plans to release the "random" tips for profit in a later update. 

Tips & GIFs

Each individual tip is hand selected from hours of tedious research. I spend about 7-10 minutes on writing each tip to ensure authenticity and humor and about 3-5 minutes with each GIF. 

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