Ana Tzarev | Love & Peace Exhibition, Prague

Together with Pavleye Art & Culture, I was given the task to manage international artist, Ana Tzarev's digital identity during her exhibition in Prague. This included a Facebook page, Twitter account, a brand new Tumblr, and YouTube. With an aim to boost communication between the artist and her fans, I chose to use Ana's most current events and mentions as the basis for her communication.
The project lasted from June - September 2013.

Since the artist's sculpture made a debut in Prague, Facebook posts were made to promote the event. Albums, individual photos, links, and more were made for every sculpture location. 

On Twitter, the artists's profile came to us completely bare. I took charge of the account by posting interesting content and reaching out to people in areas local to Tzarev's exhibitions. The result was a much livelier Twitter feed, with plenty on content to retweet.  

Ana Tzarev's Tumblr account was completely inactive when I was initially given the login. In less than one month of posting images, links, occasionally reblogging art by other young artists, and submitting art to popular contemporary art blogs, the account reached an all time high of 400+ followers. 

As an extra attention grabber, Pavleye Art & Culture came up with a special microsite for the artist's traveling sculpture campaign. The Love & Peace site featured its own mobile application, available for both iOS and Android, as well as a special hashtag with which users could upload photos to get featured on the site (and eventually on other social media channels as well). It was my job to maintain the site with any press, videos, info, and photo editing to ensure the safety of the artist.