Born on Earth, destined for the stars.

Born in California in the 1990’s, Marina Laduda is an international singer-songwriter and actress based in Prague, Czechia. Growing up, Marina was immersed into the world of performing arts via singing lessons with a professional opera singer, piano, dance, even starring in a Slovak comedy series at the tender age of four.

Growing up, Marina switched between a life in the United States and Slovakia. In school, she excelled in the arts, winning music competitions and selling her art to private buyers. 

After several years without art in her life, Marina decided to sign up for the televised singing competition, X-Factor in Czechia & Slovakia. Making it through to the semi-finals, Marina placed top 8, performing on live television. 

Since then, Marina has collaborated with musicians from around the world (Delyno in Romania, Freerise in California), including Soundcloud artists with whom she's released several tracks on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 


Now, Marina stays busy with projects ranging from recorded music to live performances in a variety of genres. She regularly performs in Prague; jazz and bossa nova with a talented young pianist, acoustic covers & originals with an American guitarist, as well as musicals with Prague Shakespeare Company.

When on stage, Marina has a unforgettable presence. On screen, she’s hard to miss, thanks to her captivating eyes and alluring persona. Marina’s recorded music is all about raw lyric writing combined with a creamy range of r&b, future-bass, and soul influences.

Marina's artistic philosophy is all about transporting her audience to a time and place where worries melt away and all that exists is the art at hand. When writing lyrics, her greatest inspirations come from real life: personalities, desires, and events. The more relatable, the better.